FlooxUS go DEEP, go further!


The Fingger software of RGBSys consists of a web portal which provides, in a quick way, resources for fulfilling the financial needs (regulation of cash flows) of suppliers of goods and services that belong to the ecosystem of greater purchasing companies. The system in a true cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) software, where medium to large purchasing companies can make available in the platform their future payments that would have to be done directly to its suppliers. After that, each supplier can, also using the Fingger web portal, select the payments that they wish to antecipate. Once these payments have been selected and cleared for antecipation by the supplier, this payment can then get paid before its original expiration, thus balancing its cash flow. DeepSoft contributed in the development of Fingger software by creating new modules in it, which included tasks from the database modeling (SQL Server) and implementation, to the software modules' programming itself. Another great contribuition that DeepSoft brought the Fingger software was the creation of several webservices in order to allow the communication of Fingger with an external business management software.



  • Framework .NET
  • SQL Server