Turmy go DEEP, go further!


Turmy is a software program that numerically models the evolution, over time, of meandering channel in subaqueous environment. In order to do this, Turmy solves, analytically, a simplified Navier-Stokes equation, in order to calculate the chains velocity that allows the definition of portions eroded and deposited in each time step. The final result is a model of the sediment’s distribution carried by the meandering channel. The software was developed by the MINES ParisTech with the sponsorship and technical participation of some oil companies (including Petrobras), all owning exclusive rights over the code and commercial use of it. The DeepSoft participation in Turmy project involves, initially, the creation of wrappers for .NET framework over the kernel numerical code, allowing its utilization from any application developed on .NET framework. Naturally, this ensures the use of this numerical kernel by your Ocean plug-in, also under development.



  • Ocean Framework
  • C++
  • SWIG
  • C#