Health go DEEP, go further!

The DeepSoft software development expertises are perfectly applicable in the development of software for the health sector. We apply all of our scientific rigour and software development skills and techniques in the creation of consistent, accurate and fast softwares for the healthcare and medicine. Concerning to our staff, DeepSoft's technical team has together more than five years of experience in the creation of healthcare softwares, involving the medical images analysis and processing, medical exams 3D visualization, CAD/CAM of synthetic protesis and anatomic objects, simulation, among others. Using proprietary and unique technologies, DeepSoft quickly builds robust software solutions for the healthcare sector, under extreme rigour, care, precision and performance.

Medical exams and Medical Images
DeepSoft Company has extensive experience in creating applications that provide tools for the analysis of several image-based medical exams, including CT (Computerized Tomographies) scans and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

3D Visualization
Combining all of our knowledge about 2D and 3D visualization techniques with our technical-scientific background on the development of softwares for healthcare, we provide unique and fully-customized solutions for visualizing medical examination's information and data. From graphics that assist doctors in the analysis of tests to automatic and semi-automatic generation of 3D views from x-rays exans and CT scans, DeepSoft provides a considerable range of custom tools to health professionals.
3D Modeling and Manufacturing of Prostheses and Anatomical Objects
DeepSoft professionals have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of prostheses and anatomical objects. Making use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) techniques, DeepSoft develops custom tools that creates a specialized environment for the creation and design of prostheses and anatomical parts. Additionally, we apply CAM techniques for transparently communication your software with 3D printers and routers for the manufacture and production of the physical objects that were previously modeled.