Engineering go DEEP, go further!

Commited with high precision and quality, we at DeepSoft develop software for several areas of the engineering industry, such as civil engineering, automotive, aerospace, naval, oil and gas, among others. With a large set of proprietary technologies, DeepSoft quickly builds engineering software focusing in the customer's needs.

Units Management
All engineering software developed by DeepSoft deals with numeric data associated with their magnitudes and units. That way, all numeric data represents internally and to the user an information relevant to the real world and for the problem being solved. Additionally, unit conversion engines are also used internally, and made available to the user in the graphical interface of the software when desired.

Fast and Precise Calculations
DeepSoft has great expertise in the development of calcule algorithms. For structural and mechanical calculations or equations coding, DeepSoft has a wide technical-scientific background for the development of serial, multithreaded and distributed implementations of these elements, always with the highest precision and performance.
The computer simulation is undoubtedly the best way to validate any planning or modeling in the Engineering world. Being able to simulate an equipment's physical/chemical behavior through the simulation of its associated components brings significant productivity gains and reduced production costs. DeepSoft company have experts in customizing and developing simulation kernels from scratch, as well as professionals specialized on coupling already existing numeric kernels to your software.
2D and 3D Visualization of Data
Concerning to Engineering software, whether on the stage of modeling, simulating, pre-processing or post-processing, visualizing data and information is very important in order to have a better understanding of the data, as well as for its validation and analysis. To meet these requirements, DeepSoft develops 2D and 3D tools specialized in your software's needs, capable of providing the appropriate visualization and interactivity on any data and information so that the best parameterization of the algorithms can be obtained, and the subsequent analysis can be performed with quality, robustness and confidence.