Corporate go DEEP, go further!

Since 2010 creating software for the Brazilian and global markets, DeepSoft Company has been growing expertise on creating applications in several formats, with many goals and for fufilling several types of needs. For its applications development, DeepSoft uses modern software development tools available in the market together with a wide group of proprietary and third-party computational libraries. Coded with strong focus in manutenibility, scalability and performance, DeepSoft's computational base library entitled DS-Lib, brings the essencial foundation carried by the powerful applications developed by DeepSoft and its team.

Why create a software instead of using a "from the shelf" application?
We develop standalone, desktop and web software that delivers solutions that are 100% customized and taylor-made acording to your business's needs. At DeepSoft, we believe that it is not your company that should bend in order adapt itself to the processes imposed by any software, but instead, the software is the one that must model and implement your company's processes. In order to create outstanding software, DeepSoft uses the most advanced software development tools and techniques available, from which it becomes able to create fast, stable, precise, safe and dependable software.

Inovation and quality
With a strong focus on innovation and quality, all software developed by DeepSoft align robustness, stability, precision, cutting-edge design and usability.