Scientific Software go DEEP, go further!

Scientific applications can be used together with sciences of any nature. With the power of simulating, highlighting, increasing, as well as defining, and many times even solving a given problem, this subarea of computer science became a strong tool for research and development applications, specially when working together with scientific and 3D visualization techniques. DeepSoft Company has a highly qualified staff capable of providing professional solutions in the areas of scientific software development and computer graphics.

A very common scenario in research centers and corporative environments is the existence of computer programs which algorithms or features have already been extremely tested and can be found under a very mature state, but are still stuck under an application of poor user interface and limited architecture. One of the greatest specialties of DeepSoft is the maintenance and migration of those legacy codes into more modern applications. Using consolidated techniques like TDD,

DeepSoft is capable of migrating, for instance, a whole numeric kernel of a given software, or even part of that kernel, into a whole new application containing a completely innovative user interface, while still guaranteeing all the numeric integrity of this core processing.

Unifying its expertises, DeepSoft also has the required know-how to insert any legacy code into the Schlumberger Petrel software program as an Ocean plug-in (read more at Plug-ins for Petrel).