Petrel Plugins go DEEP, go further!

Petrel software, developed by Schlumberger, is one of the most complete geology software programs available nowadays. Additionally, Petrel also has powerful modules for petroleum reservoir engineering (ex. Schlumberger Eclipse flow simulator integration, etc.), geophysics (ex. several seismic interpretation and visualization tools), among others. The biggest advantage of using Petrel software is that it combines all these modules in a single environment, storing all of its data in a sole Petrel’s project file, allowing reservoir engineers, geophysicists and geologists to always work in the very same models, using unique and interconnected workflows and processes.

Since Petrel is a very complete application, it also provides several ways to have plugged into it custom algorithms and data structures by using the Schlumberger Ocean framework. The Ocean framework provides mechanisms that allow Petrel users to have their own algorithms available directly from inside the Petrel software, acting seamlessly as part of the application.

The Ocean framework also makes it possible for those algorithms to interact with existing Petrel features, such as processes and native workflow items, but with the huge advantage of keeping all the legal property as well as the know-how inside of the company, since the Ocean / Petrel plug-in is developed in an environment that is fully independent of Petrel’s.

And it is in that exact context that DeepSoft Company inserts itself into. With a wide experience in Petrel software plug-ins development, DeepSoft is capable of quickly inserting any algorithm or data structure (coded under any programming language – C, C++, Fortran, C#, etc.) into the Petrel software program. Additionally, the company can freely distribute these new features, as Petrel plug-ins (containing any independent/per-plug-in licensing mechanism, if desired), inside of the whole company.