Custom Software go DEEP, go further!

For customized software solutions, DeepSoft utilizes the most advanced tools of software development available in the market, together with a large group of libraries of its own and of third-parties. Coded by focusing in manutenibility, scalability and performance, the DS-Lib brings the main pillars to the construction of the powerful applications developed by DeepSoft. Relying on innovation and creativity, DeepSoft makes use of advanced visualization techniques (2D and 3D), which allow the three-dimensional visualization of any object, as well as the use of several types of graphics containing any kind of data or information.

Together with the usage of its powerful tools, DeepSoft holds a deep and specific know-how in software development. This combination allows DeepSoft to build software for several areas of the science and industry, being those applications usually built using more ordinary graphical user interface components such as data trees and editors, together with more complex user experience tools such as geographic maps, 3D visualization windows, custom data analysis graphs, among others. Concerning to data persistency (writing and reading data from the hard disk) DeepSoft has a wide experience on several persistency mechanisms and paradigms, being always focused on using the most appropriate ones according to the data access consistency and performance of the under development software. A few examples of these mechanisms are: Databases (SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, etc.), files (binary and text - ASCII, XML, HDF5, etc.).