vKore-Nodes go DEEP, go further!


vKoreNodes is a robust computational library developed by DeepSoft for Vektore company that makes it possible to create nodes based software. The greatest advantage of this kind of application is to be able to intuitively handle the creation and manipulation of workflows. The Nodes architecture built in vKoreNodes library allows the user to easily create and manpulate, through a rich graphical user interface, the adding of nodes, connection between nodes (outputs of a node in the input of another one). It also has more advanced features such as grouping nodes, peeking grouped nodes, saving and loading nodes graph scenes, among others. Besides that, the vKoreNodes library allows nodes to own several parameters of several types, followed by several types of UI controls to handle these data. DeepSoft was the responsible for the development of the complete library, concearning all architecture modeling and implementation, from the nodes connection and processing pipeline kernel to the graphical user interface.



  • C++
  • Qt