COHIBA Petrel go DEEP, go further!


The COHIBA Petrel is a plug-in capable of coupling the COHIBA software with the Petrel software. The main goal is to provide the user with the capability to create a COHIBA model using data from a Petrel project. To do that, the plug-in provides a specialized and intuitive user interface that allows the user to create his models more easily. In addition, the user can run the COHIBA directly from Petrel and load its results as well.

About COHIBA: COHIBA is a computer program that provides a fast and accurate method for generating a set of deterministic surfaces using prediction, or a set of random realizations of the surfaces using stochastic simulation. COHIBA uses the available data in a consistent manner to minimize the uncertainty. The accuracy is further improved by linking together all surfaces in a consistent multi-layered model. For further information visit:

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  • Ocean Framework
  • C#