Oil and Gas go DEEP, go further!

With more than 11 years working in software development for the market of Oil and Gas in Brazil and internationally, DeepSoft has extensive experience in developing applications and in the creation of independent plug-ins for Petrel software, developed by Schlumberger, and for GOCAD, currently held by Paradigm. The experience of DeepSoft professionals in the software development area for the oil and gas industry covers areas such as Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir Engineering, among others. Some of the software developed by DeepSoft can be found in the link Projects.

Perfect coupling between high precision and performance with great usability
With large experience in the development of numerical kernels and on creating software with user’s graphical interfaces, DeepSoft delivers to its customers software solutions containing kernels and algorithms with excellent accuracy and performance, combined with stable graphical user interfaces which present great usability. For the creation of these softwares, DeepSoft makes use of the most modern tools and techniques of development of software available in the market, through which creates fast, stable, precise, secure and reliable software.

Inovation and quality
With a strong focus on innovation and quality, all software developed by DeepSoft align robustness, stability, precision, cutting-edge design and usability.

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